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What To Consider When Choosing A Landscaping Company In Prospect Heights, IL

Prospect Heights, IL is home to many landscape design services that can improve your property into something cozy and inviting. As a resident of the area, your house likely holds great importance to you. When you put effort, resources and effort into a place, it ought to feel like home and be in line with who you are. This is when landscape design services in Prospect Heights come in handy. They can turn your living space into one that truly reflects what kind of home you desire. With numerous landscaping ideas and garden designs available now, how do you know which option suits your residence perfectly? Here we will take a look at how to pick a landscape design company that can put together an exquisite outdoor living space. Having a properly groomed yard always adds value for any property, so a well budget project becomes an smart investment.


Do your research before choosing a landscape design company

To ensure successful collaboration, it is essential to pick a landscaping design expert you trust and feel comfortable with. When looking for a designer, make sure they have experience working on residential properties, are local to the area, and can present an impressive portfolio of their previous projects. This will help ensure that the firm and designer understand your individual requirements, concerns, and desires. It is best to work with a company that specializes in residential landscaping to guarantee the design or style will be suitable for where you live and made to blend seamlessly into the rest of your dwelling. Additionally, browse through their portfolio to get a glimpse of what their past customers had to say about their involvement with the organization. Take into account any praise or remarks as part of your decision-making process.

Landscape Designer Consultation

Understand Your Home’s Needs

Understanding your home's needs and desired aesthetic will aid in choosing the best landscape design for your property. Consider the size and layout of your yard, as well as your personal style preferences. Traditional gardens may include elegant rose bushes and manicured hedges, while a more modern approach could include sleek hardscapes and minimal plantings. Alternatively, you may desire a natural and organic feel, incorporating native plants and wildflowers. The style of your home and its architecture should also be taken into account when selecting a landscape design. A colonial home may benefit from a classic, symmetrical garden, while a contemporary home may be complemented by a more contemporary and asymmetrical design. No matter your style, we can provide a landscape design that can bring your outdoor space to life.

Hire A Designer With Experience In Your Location

If you're considering hiring a landscape designer for the first time, it's important to choose a professional with experience in your local area. The micro-climates and soil conditions in Prospect Heights, IL may differ significantly from other regions, so it's crucial to find a designer who is familiar with these nuances. Not only will this ensure that your design is tailored to your specific needs, but it will also increase the chances of success for your project. Be sure to review the designer's portfolio and past projects, as this will give you an idea of their style and level of expertise. A designer with a strong track record of working with residential properties is a great choice, as they will have a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges that come with designing for homes. Investing in a reputable and experienced landscape designer is a sure way to bring your outdoor vision to life.

Protect The Environment When Selecting Materials

As awareness of environmental impact grows, more and more homeowners are opting for eco-friendly landscaping materials. Options like wood mulch, and cedar mulch are all natural, organic, and biodegradable, making them great choices for protecting the environment. When selecting mulch for your landscaping project, it's important to consider the type of soil you have. Different soils may require different types of mulch to thrive, so be sure to choose the right one for your specific needs. In addition to selecting eco-friendly materials, it's also crucial to consider the sustainability of your landscape design as a whole. This can include using native plants, which are adapted to the local climate and require less maintenance, as well as incorporating water conservation features like rainwater harvesting or drip irrigation. By considering both the environment and sustainability in your landscape design, you can create a beautiful and responsible outdoor space.

Prospect Heights Requirements For Outdoor Work

If you're planning on doing any outdoor work in Prospect Heights, it's important to be aware of the requirements and permits needed. For example, if you want to remove a tree from your property, you'll need to obtain a tree removal permit from the city. Similarly, if you're planning on installing a patio, you'll need to apply for a patio installation permit. These requirements are in place to ensure that all outdoor work is done safely and in accordance with local regulations. It's always a good idea to check with the city or local authorities before starting any outdoor project to ensure you have all the necessary permits and approvals.

Overall, when choosing a landscape design company in Prospect Heights, it's important to do your research and choose a company that has experience working with residential properties in the area. Make sure to consider your home's specific needs and the style you want to achieve, and choose materials that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. And don't forget to check with the city or local authorities about any necessary permits or approvals for outdoor projects. With the right landscape design company, you can transform your property into a beautiful and welcoming outdoor space that you'll love to come home to.

Our landscape design service in Prospect Heights is a great way to add value to your home. The outdoor design will give you the opportunity to have a beautiful yard that is easy to maintain. Based on your particular setup, you might be also able to save money each month, such as on your water bill.

About Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights, Illinois is a vibrant and thriving community located in the Chicagoland area. With a population of just over 16,000, this suburb offers a small town feel with access to all the amenities of a larger city.

One of the most popular places in Prospect Heights is the Prospect Heights Public Library, which offers a wide range of programs and resources for residents of all ages. The library also hosts events and workshops, making it a hub of community activity.

Other points of interest in Prospect Heights include the Rob Roy Golf Course, which features a challenging 9-hole course and a driving range, and the Prospect Heights Park District, which offers recreational facilities such as basketball courts, tennis courts, and a swimming pool.

Overall, Prospect Heights is a great place to live, work, and play, with plenty of attractions and points of interest to keep residents entertained and engaged. Whether you're a nature lover, a sports enthusiast, or just looking for a quiet place to relax and unwind, you'll find what you're looking for in Prospect Heights.

Wave Outdoors Landscape + DesignWave Outdoors Landscape + Design
5 Stars - Based on 29 User Reviews

  • Wow!!! We had a wonderful experience with Wave Outdoors. Wave Outdoors is located in Mount Prospect which was appealing to me to support local businesses.

    Brian worked with us from start of finish. He came and walked our property in the beginning and really listened to our ideas and also incorporated his own landscape design expertise. He walked us through his beautiful design and made recommendations for trees, shrubs, and plants that would be successful in our zone.

    Our curb appeal went up 1000%. While I have been out watering many people have stopped and commented on how beautiful everything looks. Some have even asked if they could snap a picture or two. 😎

    The crews that came in and took all of the old landscaping out, were here each day on time and left the area neat and clean when they were finished for the day.

    THANK YOU Wave Outdoors and Brian Dreher for helping to guide us with this project. It truly has been a pleasure working with Wave Outdoors. I would highly recommend Wave Outdoors for any landscaping design, installations, or any other outdoor needs you may have.


    Colleen and Michael Moreno

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    Colleen Moreno
  • We worked with Brian on landscaping and hardscaping for our Lincoln Park townhome, and they did such an amazing job that two of our neighbors asked for his contact information and at least one of them moved forward with Wave Outdoors too!

    Our 100% satisfaction started with consultation on design for a paver patio replacement that includes a small retaining wall and various shrubs/ground cover in several garden beds in the front and side of our home. Brian pointed us to a nearby distributor to choose among Unilock pavers then coordinated three complementary products for the patio itself, the wall, and the wall topper. We are busy professionals and wanted low maintenance landscaping, and Brian's knowledge of good plants for our climate and lifestyle was spot-on.

    After an informative design phase (with two in-person appointments that Brian kept reliably and that also included some hand-holding with our HOA to secure necessary approvals), the work crew arrived promptly on the appointed date and worked quickly to complete the entire job in only 3 or 4 days from demolition/removal of the old patio to installation of all hardscaping, plants, and ground cover. We immediately had the nicest patio of anyone in our complex of 48 units, and the high quality generated a lot of neighborhood "buzz" given how visible Brian and his crew's work is for everyone in the complex.

    Our only regret is that we didn't go with the sprinkler system that Brian proposed at a reasonable incremental cost that would have saved many, many hours of watering during summer months. We would wholeheartedly recommend Wave Outdoors for any job large or small!

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    Pax Routson
  • Our back yard garden bed (partly in sun, partly in shade), along the rear property line, was in need of some landscaping. Over the nearly 40+ years we have lived here, we had randomly planted several lilac bushes, a few hosta plants, several patches of narcissus, some pachysandra, and a small number of ferns, but there was no unifying design. Everything we had planted competed with weeds and unwanted brush that had sprouted up around them. We had always wanted to look out our kitchen window and see a beautifully planned display of perennials, shrubs, and trees and finally decided to do something about it.
    We found Wave Outdoors and started working with designer Mary DiCarlo last fall, after we cleared much of the bed of unwanted foliage and installed a backyard fence to allow our newly adopted rescue dog to run free. We were looking to get a design created and the landscaping installed early this spring.
    Over the fall and winter months, Mary worked with us via several on-site visits, email exchanges, and Zoom sessions to finalize a design. Mary was a careful listener and tried to incorporate our wishes from the start, while making several small adjustments to the design several times at our request. Just a few days before the installation, when a particular specimen tree she had planned for us was in short supply, Mary made several weekend visits to local garden centers to find us the perfect tree. This was above and beyond the call of duty!
    The installation work was planned for two days in late April, but was completed by the Wave Outdoors 3-man crew, led by Rob, in a single day. Good timing, because the next day it rained almost all day, giving the plantings a good drink. The crew worked hard all day, doing additional unplanned tasks, such as trimming overhanging branches to make room for newly-planted (but sure to grow tall eventually) spruce trees, and also repairing some lawn spots from our dog. They also cleaned up better than any crew who has ever worked on our property.
    We are so happy with the finished result already, but knowing that perennials operate in a “sleep, creep, leap” fashion in the three years after planting, we expect the bed to look fantastic over the next 2-3 years as the plantings mature. The plantings were designed to be a mixture of tall, medium, and short heights, of a variety of textures and foliage color, with bloom colors expected in at different times in spring, summer, and fall. The evergreen plantings will remain blue-green throughout the year.
    We highly recommend Wave Outdoors and designer Mary DiCarlo for your landscaping needs (they do hardscaping also)! The entire process was well-documented with excellent communication from start to finish. Any small issues found after installation were taken care of very quickly. Initial and final payments were easy using Zelle, but Wave Outdoors also accepts personal checks and credit cards.
    Looking forward to warmer weather when we can be outside on our patio enjoying our beautiful new landscape!

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    Michael Jakubowski
  • We had a fabulous experience with Wave. I highly recommend Wave for any landscape project. Mary was outstanding! She put together a beautiful and creative plan for our rock garden area, tastefully rearranging existing items to accommodate annual planting areas and an outdoor grill.

    Mary was extremely responsive and worked on every detail during the entire process. She was always ready to answer questions and come up with suggestions.

    I am amazed at how the area looks with the new lighting and slabs. I could mot be more pleased!

    Pam Keating

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    Pamela Keating
  • Our backyard was in dire need of a makeover and we were lucky enough to work with Brian at Wave Landscape to get this done. He handled the demo, design, installation, project management, and the time-consuming permit process. I sat back and waited for the project to be completed while every detail was handled by Brian and his team.
    Not only was the process easy, but he was able to work with my budget and remain patient as I came up with additional "wants" as the project progressed.

    Update: A year later the landscape is thriving with very little maintenance by me. I'm also impressed by the follow up from Brian to check in months later to make sure I'm still happy with the finished product. Customer Service is A++++.

    Contact Brian from Wave, you won't be disappointed.

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    5828 Clark