Wave Outdoors designs new landscapes and improves and maintain existing ones. Our landscape designers are using extensive experience and imagination to place each landscape feature in the right place to reduce ongoing costs and deliver a highly enjoyable outdoor living area. We weave plants and man-made landscape elements into a beautiful and wholesome garden area.

We combine your vision with our expert advice to create unique, exotic landscapes.  Our landscape designers will help you unlock the true potential of your outdoor living area that combines beauty with functionality.

What Is Landscape Design

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Landscape design represents the marriage between nature, art, culture and architecture. A landscape designer does not need a license to operate, but a professional designer usually holds a horticulture or botany degree.

Landscape Design Styles, Guiding Principles & Individual Elements

Our landscape design services bridge the gap between the client’s vision, the personality of their home and the chosen design style. We begin with a carefully drafted questionnaire meant to collect the client’s preferences, requirements, chose styles and landscape elements. We continue by adding our expertise to the collected information. We finish only when the customer is 100% satisfied with the result.

The most popular landscape design styles are:

  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Farmhouse
  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Japanese
  • Bohemian
  • Simplistic
  • Mediterranean


A landscape design project is a whole made of many individual elements. All these landscape elements possess common properties, such as mass or visual weight, form, line, texture and color. These properties will be used by our designers to create matching elements or contrast for centerpieces without breaking the visual harmony of the whole.

Color and texture can be used to give personality to a landscape design project. The use of color and texture will vary from house to house, based on their appearance and owner preferences.

Mass (visual weight), form and line can be used to delimit available space, add functionality to it and organize it based on the element’s purpose (aesthetical, living area, lighting, etc).

Landscape Design Principles

Size and relative magnitude – the real scale and the size of an element compared to others that are part of the same landscape

  • Symmetry and balance – they are used  to give individual elements the same visual weight
  • Repetition – meant to give a sense of stability and guide the eye across the pattern
  • Consistence – elements that have similar texture, color, lines, etc.
  • Visual weight – it is the process of emphasizing a particular element, not only through size, but also with the help of contrast, asymmetry, texture, etc.

Individual design elements, or the physical parts that make up your landscape can be natural or man made.

A good landscape designer will use both natural and man made elements to create a functional, beautiful and seamless landscape.

Some of the more common individual landscape design elements are:

  • Focal points, meant to emphasize and guide
  • Sculptures
  • Espaliers
  • Trellises
  • Planters
  • Specimen plants
  • Water features
  • Landforms
  • Various brick, stone, metal & glass hardscape elements

Landscape Design Services

A successful landscape design project uses a lot of different elements, both natural and man-made. We have mastered all the services necessary to install and maintain those landscape elements.

From designing story-like gardens, fireplaces, and outdoor living spaces to building pathways, driveways, and retaining walls, we can do it. We also work to enhance and maintain existing landscapes.

Brick, Concrete & Stone Pavers

We install, remove, repair and seal all types of pavers, walkways & driveways.

Sod Installation

We do everything from soil testing to measuring and installing turf.

Patios, Brick Ovens, Fireplaces, Outdoor Kitchens & Rooms

Features that will allow you to enjoy your landscape to the fullest.


Our professional horticulturists will help you enhance  your yard and garden with a wide range of plants, trees and shrubs.

Retaining Walls

We install walls that are durable, functional, eye pleasing and blend in with the rest of the landscape.

Pergolas, Arbors & Gazeebos

Install pergolas, arbors, gazeebos, custom covers meant to control weather and give you enjoyment.

Landscape Enhancements

For landscapes that have not reached their fullest potential, we finish the job with an expert touch.

How We Approach Landscape Design

From start to finish, we provide experienced landscape professionals to turn your project from dream into reality. We employ tight project management skills and goal setting to deliver the best possible results at competitive prices.

Our specialists have backgrounds in all the necessary fields:

  • Landscape design and trained horticulturists
  • Landscape architecture with a focus on landforms, construction and hardscaping
  • Landscape maintenance – to protect the finished project

Sustainable Landscape Design

Sustainability can be approached in several ways by a designer:

  • By choosing the proper building materials
  • By controlling water levels with the help of proper drainage and irrigation
  • By making sure that both natural and man made elements are durable and properly installed so they last for years to come

To seal the deal, our landscape design services are covered by some of the best warranties in the industry.

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