A water feature such as a fountain or small pond adds serenity and brings the sounds of nature to your home.


Wave Outdoors installs a wide variety of landscape water features, from swimming pools and outdoor hot tubs to koi ponds and exquisite water fountains.


We work with both new installation and upgrades of your existing water features, such as adding a small waterfall or adding a rainwater harvester.


The water features we install are low-maintenance or even self-sustaining and they integrate perfectly with the existing landscape.

What Are Landscaping Water Features

Water features, such as koi ponds, creeks and pools are man-made water circulating systems meant for delighting the senses or even for human interaction, such as in the case of swimming pools.

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Landscaping Water Features Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to adding a water feature to your landscape:


  • They entertain the senses – the sound of flowing water is long known to be relaxing. So is the sound of it and the way it cools down air on a hot summer day
  • Most of them, with the exception of swimming pools require little to no maintenance
  • They keep you and your family physically active by encouraging outdoors activities such as walking & swimming
  • They keep you physically relaxed, such as in the case of outdoor hot tubs
  • They offer stress relief – koi ponds and waterfalls
  • They increase your property’s appeal and value

Types Of Water Features

You can combine water features with your existing landscape in a myriad of ways. Some of the larger projects might require the help of a landscape designer and a specialized crew, while others are a lot easier to do and may not even require a permit.


Here are some the most popular water features:


  • Ponds
  • Reflecting pools
  • Ornamental pools
  • Water gardens featuring aquatic plants
  • Streams & creeks
  • Koi ponds
  • Waterfalls and pondless waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Fire fountains
  • Small patio ponds or container water gardens
  • Rainwater harvesting and circulation systems
  • Bird baths
  • Rain curtains
  • Scuppers and sconces
  • Water jets and bubblers
  • Swimming pools and outdoor tubs
  • Natural ponds


We can help you decide which water feature suits your house better and provide you with a 3D rendering. During our initial meeting we usually go through a set of questions meant to bring the finalized project as close as possible to your vision. Some of the factors we take into consideration are the existing landscape, available space, budget, children safety, etc.


To make you decision easier, we also offer free quotes and some of the best warranties

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