Artificial Turf Maintenance



Although artificial turf is much less maintenance than normal turfgrass, there are still some suggestions to keep your turf in tip-top shape. Following these simple steps can help your turf looking good while extending the life and performance of your turf.


Clear Debris

  • Weekly: leaf blower or
  • Monthly: hard-bristle broom (non-metal).



  • Weekly: Light washing to clear of dust and
  • Monthly: deep


Pups and Poops

  • Pickup debris as usual (baggie or scooper) and hose down immediately after
  • Weekly rinsing with cleansing deodorizers to help reduce odors and improve
  • Spray / apply an artificial turf safe deodorizer such as BioTurf, SCOE 10X, Odormute, Odoban, and other similar


Turf Appearance

  • Apart from cleanliness, the turf has a natural grain direction. To maintain the upright appearance, brush your lawn encourages the grass blades to stay upright. Use a broom or a handled brush (non-metal) to groom against the


Life’s Messes

  • Artificial turf is naturally stain-resistant.
  • Tougher stains: use mild soap with water and scrub (or water and equal parts vinegar).



  • Cigarettes, charcoal embers, fireworks, fire, and other heat producing
  • Oils, grease, motor oil (and keep lawn equipment away from these substances!).
  • Sunflower seeds, chewing gum, or tobacco



  • Best option: brush / sweep snow away or let melt
  • Heavy snow: shovel just the top layers, then brush the remaining
  • Be mindful of turf seams / edges by careful shoveling of adjacent patios and
  • Shovels: plastic or rubberized
  • Salt: not