Whether you are going through a landscape renovation project or starting an outdoor project from scratch, having access to a professional landscape construction company is essential.

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Why work with the professionals

The five key benefits you gain when you hire a certified landscape and outdoor construction firm are outlined below.

Comprehensive Service

A professional landscape construction company provides multiple landscaping services under one roof, including tree services, hedge pruning, garden maintenance, lawn care, landscape fixture installation, and more.

Expert Issue Resolution

Field crews from an established landscaping contractor have expertise and competence in resolving a wide array of landscaping issues, such as the removal of encroaching tree roots, plant disease and pest control, surface runoff diversion, lopping tree near power lines, and so forth.

Specialized Equipment Access

A certified landscaping contractor has an array of specialized equipment for tackling difficult landscape maintenance tasks, including stump grinders for tree stump removal, personnel lifts for tree care and maintenance, multi-purpose hydraulic excavators, shredders for getting rid of plant debris, etc.

Liability Protection

Every work crew member from a professional landscape and construction company is insured against accidents while on landscaping assignments.  The workman insurance provides you with personal injury liability protection in the event of an accident occurring on your property.

Long-term Landscape Maintenance

You save time and money in the long run when you enter into a landscaping service contract with a certified landscape and construction company. Such a contract is typically a package deal that grants you unhindered access to the array of landscaping services on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or need-to-need basis.

Set Construction Goals

Coming up with specific landscaping goals is challenging even with a good idea on how to improve the landscape around your residential or commercial property. This dilemma is due to the fact that landscape remodeling projects are actually multi-stage endeavors requiring considerable foresight and experience. Luckily, a professional landscaping contractor can guide you in determining precisely what you want to achieve with your landscaping remodeling project.

Ask Your Landscape Contractor for A 3D Rendering

Consulting with an expert landscape and construction company ensures you come up with a realistic sequence of executable landscaping tasks, which ultimately culminate in the fulfillment of your landscape remodeling idea. Once your consultant has set down the required landscaping changes, you should ask the landscape contractor for a 3D rendering of your landscaping project.

While a 3D rendering is slightly more expensive that a 2D design plan, the 3D model helps you to clearly see the final look of your landscaping remodeling project at its completion. As a result, you are better able to suggest changes and modifications on the original idea to achieve an even greater improvement to your residential or commercial landscape.

How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Experience for Yourself

Hiring a professional and certified landscape construction company allows you to create the ultimate outdoor experience for yourself via the array of landscaping services offered. Some of the most requested landscape construction services include:

Outdoor Kitchen

You can hire a landscape and construction company to create a unique one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen in your backyard.

Paver Patio

A contractor can install an exquisite paver patio in your front or backyard to increase the functional living space of your home.

Retaining Wall

You can achieve a multi-layered landscape by hiring a professional landscape and construction contractor install retaining walls to hold up the different levels

Fire pits

A custom fire pit installed by a landscape contractor can make your outdoor living spaces comfortable even during chilly weather.

Outdoor Steps/Stairs

You can have a licensed landscape construction company install a series of elaborate outdoor steps that significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your front yard.

Outdoor Lighting

A professional landscape and construction company can install concrete masts at multiple locations in your front or backyard to support outdoor lights, enhancing it beauty and boosting your security.

Garden Design

Consulting an experienced landscaping contractor provides you with invaluable insight and hands-on expertise in the creation of a pristine garden in your backyard.

Outdoor Rooms and Living Space

You can hire a licensed landscape and construction company to increase available living space by building outdoor rooms for family members and guests.

Outside Bar Construction

An experienced landscape and construction company can build a stylish and functional outside bar for entertaining guests when you have a party at your house.

Construction & Maintenance

Our experienced and competent field personnel carry out various tasks to keep your outdoor environment in top shape and functioning 100%. Three important landscape construction steps that our professional work crews go through are:

  • Planning ands setting goals for landscape construction projects to ensure hardscape longevity
  • Inspecting ongoing and finished projects to ensure they have been built 100% according to plan
  • Providing hands-on training on the frequency and manner of carrying out proper landscape maintenance, when necessary

Work with us

Hiring our landscaping construction company guarantees that you receive expert, competent and effective landscaping service every time. We build sustainable landscapes that require less maintenance and utilize fewer resources, ensuring you realize considerable time and money savings in the long run. Furthermore, our regular hardscape and softscape inspection and maintenance services help you to avoid costly landscape repairs.

Why hesitate if you are in need of professional landscaping construction services? Call us now and get the best value for your money.

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