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Landscaping, Design & Construction Services

We combine functionality with beauty through the use of both natural and man made elements to obtain highly enjoyable outdoor living spaces.

From sod installation to turf care & storm water management, we make sure that all your landscape features work seamlessly with each other.

We install any kind of hardscape features: walls, fences, pergolas, trellis, gazebos, playsets, alleways, pathways, patio, decks, furniture &  more.

We remove snow, clear driveways, clean sidewalks, use deicing agents. Emergency snow removal services available 24/7 for select suburbs & Chicago areas.

We install and maintain vegetable gardens, flower beds, hothouses, flower and vegetable containers. Maintenance includes planting, trimming, edging, mowing, weeding and waste disposal.

We install and maintain outdoor pools, ponds, creeks, fountains, water walls, koi ponds, spillways, waterfalls, spas, hot tubs & more. We can help you achieve any look, from rustic to modern and high-tech.

We help you make your garden shine with a wide range of outdoor lighting options: spot lights, LED strips, glowing furniture, lighted pots, string lights, lanterns, orbs, pendant lights & more.

Create your perfect outdoor living space with the use of paver paths, fences, walls, pillars, outdoor flooring, lounge areas, patios, pergolas, stone or wood steps, floating decks, etc.

We install, repair and maintain irrigation systems for your lawn & garden. We can also help you manage the water on your property, such as stormwater.

We get your lawn started with seeding or sod installation. We take care of each aspect of your lawn, from soil-testing to irrigation & fertilization.

Enjoy each passing summer in the comfort of your own backyard. We build & install outdoor kitchens, living rooms, bars and dining rooms.

Keep your trees safe and healthy with our tree care services - planting, pruning & trimming, tree removal, disease & insect management.

Licensed, Insured & Experienced Services

We service the Northside Chicago area and suburbs. We work with specialized Midwest growers and the best contractor teams in the area. Together we give life to your vision of the perfect home.

To seal the deal, we offer industry leading warranties.

We do everything from building outdoor kitchens to lawn mowing


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Why We Do It Better

Risk Free
Your peace of mind is important to us. We offer smooth transitions from one step to the next one:

  • start with a free, no-obligation quote
  • continue with an accurate project rendering
  • finish with some of the best warranties in the industry

Professional Advice
We make note of all your ideas & requirements. We analyze everything from the soil in your back yard to the available natural resources and provide you with personalized advice and a 3D rendering of the project.

Seamless Communication

A project might require multiple crews to work on it, such as a horticulturist crew, electrician team or a construction crew. All the crews are provided with the project details, special requirements, project timeline and deadlines and have milestones to complete.

Combine Technology With Old Fashioned Common Sense
We use advanced equipment and tools to complete each carefully planned step of the project.

You're in Good Company
Our construction crews have 20+ years of experience. That means that they perform better, faster & safer than most others.

Give Life To Your Vision
One of the most important parts of a landscaping project is making sure that we know with 100% accuracy what your perfect landscape looks like.

Brilliant results made

“Excellent job done by the crew from Wave Outdoors, on time, on budget and very professional, couldn’t be more pleased with the work performed.”

Peter R.

"Brian and his team were extremely professional and communicative throughout the process. They went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the product."

Emily R.

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We work with residential, commercial & municipal clients.