Installing a deck in the front or backyard of your house is one of the easiest ways to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. The soothing deep browns of a wooden deck beautifully complement the luscious greens of ornamental plants, to create a backyard conducive for relaxation. An even stronger incentive for hiring a certified contractor to install your deck is that yard redesign always increases in the property value.

According to a 2019 Cost versus Value report comparing twenty home remodelling projects, a deck addition to a house can increase its property value by up to $10, 000. The report also reveals that homeowners have a 75% chance of recouping every dollar spent on professional deck installation in a sale. Therefore, having a deck installed not only makes your home more visually appealing, but also makes sound financial sense in the event that you decide to sell the house.

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Benefits of Having a Deck

The most significant benefit you gain from deck installation to your house is an immediate increase in property value. The extent to which the installed deck adds value to your home depends on the type of deck installed and the materials used in the construction. As a rule of thumb, the more you are willing to spend on professional deck installation, the higher the addition to the property value of your house. However, the benefits of having a deck are not limited to property but also include:-

  • Increase the aesthetic look of your house, whereby the deck is an integral part of the landscape design of your backyard.
  • Increase the available living space, whereby you can opt to have an outdoor dining and relaxation area on the installed deck
  • Increase the functional use of your backyard, whereby a wooden deck can act as the party or barbecue area of your house.

Types of Decking

A deck is essentially a flat and elevated wooden platform connected to a house that can be installed with or without rails. While this description applies to all decks, hiring a professional decking contractor ensures you are not limited when it comes to the design of your deck. The main deck styles you can have expert deck and partition contractors install to your house include:

  • High/Medium/Low Elevation Deck
  • Porch Deck
  • Pool Deck
  • Multi-Level Deck


You have a choice of two types of materials when it comes to the actual construction of a deck addition to your house. If you have a conservative demeanor, you are likely to choose an authentic deck make from wood installed in your front or backyard. You can also choose to have a synthetic deck installed made from an array of non-wood or wood-composite materials. Popular materials used in the construction of authentic and synthetic decks include:-

Natural Wooden Planks

Natural wooden planks are primarily used in the construction of the floorboards and railings of your wooden deck. When expertly installed, a natural wood deck is beautiful, especially with the use of a protective vanish that highlights the wood grain.

Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure treated wood differs from natural wooden planks in that the wood is soaked in chemical preservatives under high pressure. Consequently, opting to have your deck constructed from chemically-treated wood ensures your deck is safe from termites and defects caused by the prolonged exposure to the elements.

Wood-Polymer Composite

Unlike pressure-treated wood which has chemical preservatives infused into the wood, a wood-polymer composite refers to wood coated with a protective layer of plastic. The tough plastic ensures your installed deck is safe from termites and weather-exposure defects, thereby boosting its durability considerably.

Solid vs. Hollow Core

Deciding whether you want a synthetic deck with distinct uniformity or one with beautiful simulated grain makes choosing between a solid or hollow core remarkably easy. A deck installation using solid core wood-polymer composite planks is ideal if you are aesthetically inclined. However, if you desire a pristinely uniform deck then going for hollow core all-plastic planks is preferable.

Deck Installation

Regardless of whether you decide to have an authentic wooden deck installation or a synthetic wood-polymer composite deck, you require a professional decking contractor for the job. DIY deck installation is only viable if you already have hands-on experience with deck construction techniques and materials. Fortunately, hiring an experienced deck installation contractor saves you time and avoids costly DIY deck construction mistakes, like failing to plan ahead to ensure a level deck.

Extra Options and Accessories

Prior to the commencement of your deck installation project, you need to consider how to further enhance its functionality. This task involves choosing which extra options and accessories you want as part of the installed deck. Common examples include:

Deck Outlets

Having electric outlets on the installed deck allows for the convenient use of smartphones, laptops, stereo systems and other devices. A certified electrician should install all the power sockets on your deck.

Deck Enclosures

These are areas of the deck that you want to be fully or partially enclosed from the rest of the deck, such as an outdoor dining area.

Deck Heat

You can choose to have a concrete fire pit installed to provide heat when it’s chilly outside. There are also a range of electric and gas heaters that can be used to heat up the deck area when installed safely. As stated above, a deck can also be enclosed, effectively turning it into a 3 season or even 4 season room.

Deck Furniture

Provided that you have adequate space, you can incorporate outdoor/patio furniture on the installed deck. You can even use your grill on the deck, provided that you have adequate ventilation, a grill matt and a fire extinguisher installed nearby.

Deck Lighting

Lighting is necessary for when you, family members or guests are using the deck at night. Proper deck illumination, combined with the subtlety of landscape lighting can turn those long summer nights into great memories for the whole family.

Final Take Away

If you want a proper deck installation with all the right accessories and features, you should seek out professional deck contractors near you for the job. Hiring an expert and experienced decking contractor ensures the deck is installed to your precise requirements. Do not hesitate to call us to have an experienced and competent crew handle your deck installation remodeling project.

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