From the classic elegance of bricks to the exquisite sturdiness of stone, our outdoor masonry services will seamlessly incorporate hardscape elements to your outdoor living space. We can help you realize an ultra-modern and luxurious stone patio, brick or concrete lounge area with a dedicated fire pit, an exquisite concrete slab island in your immaculate lawn, a stunning stone-paved garden in your backyard and much more.

Whether you have an original outdoor masonry idea you want implemented or simply want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your front or backyard, look no further than Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design, an experienced landscape construction contractor in the Chicago area.

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What is Outdoor Masonry?

Outdoor masonry refers to the use of brick, marble, granite, limestone, concrete, cast stone and even glass blocks to build outdoor structures. Most of the outdoor masonry structures that our company builds serve a functional purpose and include fire pits, patios, concrete pavements, garden walls, outdoor ovens, outdoor flooring, and stone steps.

We also expertly construct outdoor hardscape elements to enhance the aesthetic appeal of front and backyards, such as decorative walls, stone veneers, brick work, columns, pillars and stoops.

Experienced Masonry Contractors

Our team of experienced outdoor masonry specialists begins by assessing your outdoor space prior to the creation of detailed 2D and 3D design renderings of your outdoor remodeling project. Presenting you with the computer-rendered designs allows you to better suggest changes and modifications before actual construction work can commence. This outdoor masonry approach ensures we deliver an impeccable masonry project that satisfies your every need and preference.

Brick and Stone Masonry Services

The extensive array of our brick and stone outdoor masonry services that we offer to Chicago-based residential and commercial property clientele include:

Stone Masonry

We offer you a wide choice of materials for your outdoor stone masonry project, which include natural stone such as granite, limestone, river rocks and marble, in addition to, custom manufactured concrete slabs and cast stone. We also use recycled materials such as glass and repurposed concrete.

Brick Work

Our outdoor brickwork services encompass constructing aesthetically-appealing brick patios, paths, garden walls, brick outdoor ovens, and much more.

Fire pits and Fireplaces

You can hire us to construct custom one-of-kind fire pits and outdoor fireplaces using stone, bricks, concrete slabs, river rocks, granite, and various other materials.

Stone Fireplace

Our competent and experienced masonry specialists can construct a custom or common stone fireplace in your front or back yard using an array of stone masonry techniques, including coursed, polygonal and flint rubble masonry.

Outdoor Ovens

Our field crews have ample experience in building custom and mainstream outdoor oven using an array of materials, including concrete, granite, bricks, river rock, and others.

Garden Walls

You can enhance the visual appeal of your front or backyard garden by hiring us to construct immaculate retaining walls from brick or stone.

Seat Walls

We can increase seating capacity in your outdoor living space by constructing comfortable seat walls from stone, concrete, river rock and various other materials.

Decorative Walls

You can enhance the external aesthetic appeal of your house by hiring us to install a decorative wall constructed from bricks, river rock, marble, or limestone.


Our expert team can construct exquisite stone, brick, paved stone, or concrete patios to increase your functional outdoor living space.


We can install elaborate stoops in your front or backyard to enhance the elegance of your abode and increase the sense of space.

Columns and Pillars

You can hire us to install both functional and ornamental columns and pillars to the exterior of your house made from concrete, marble or limestone.

Steps and Stairs

We can expertly incorporate a visually-appealing series of steps or continuous stairs into your front or backyard using concrete, bricks, river stone, marble and various other materials.


You can have us construct a beautiful concrete, brick, paved stone or river rock island that you can use for seating, dining, barbecues and more.

Mortar Laid Pavers

Our expert field crews can install an elaborate network of mortar laid pavers on any sized residential or commercial property in Chicago.

Outdoor Flooring

We can increase your available outdoor living space by installing outdoor flooring made using bricks, marble, river rock, limestone, and various other materials.

Outdoor Living Area

We can help you enhance the functional use and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living area by installing a stone patio, marble steps, mortar laid pavers, stoops, and various o

Choosing your Chicago Masonry Contractor

Choosing the right Chicago masonry contractor for your outdoor remodeling project requires that you make a number of considerations.

The more important of these decision factors include:-

  • The contractor should have field crews with ample experience in the masonry field.
  • The masonry provider should have the latest masonry equipment to tackle a wide range of masonry jobs.
  • Work crews from the masonry contractor should be capable of seamlessly incorporating masonry into the landscape design process
  • You should have access to 2D and 3D designs of the projects before the commencement of the masonry work.
  • Field crews should possess the ability to effectively use specialized masonry tools

What are you waiting for?

You are in luck. Our company boasts of having met all the requirements outlined above. We are a top rated masonry contracting company in Chicago and its nearby suburbs. If you are looking to get quality services, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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