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Landscape Design in Wheeling IL: Creating Customized Outdoor Spaces

Are you dreaming of a stunning outdoor space that will leave you breathless?

Look no further than Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design! With years of experience and a team of certified professionals, we are dedicated to providing exceptional landscaping services in Wheeling, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, we are here to transform your outdoor space into something truly extraordinary. Whether you need a beautifully designed landscape, expert gardening services, deck installation, or any other service, we have you covered. Let's explore the wide range of services we offer and how we can bring your vision to life.

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Creating Stunning Designs For Residential & Commercial Clients

Landscape Design Services

At Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design, we understand the power of a well-designed landscape. Our landscape design services are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your vision and create a design that surpasses your expectations. We take into consideration factors such as the layout of your property, the existing vegetation, and your desired style to ensure a cohesive and harmonious design.

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3D Landscape Design

Visualizing your dream landscape can be challenging, but with our cutting-edge 3D landscape design services, you can see your vision come to life before the first shovel hits the ground. Our advanced technology allows us to create realistic 3D renderings of your landscape design, giving you a clear picture of the final result. This enables you to make informed decisions and ensures that the end product aligns perfectly with your vision.

Transforming Your Garden

A vibrant and well-maintained garden can truly enhance the beauty of your property. Our expert gardening services are designed to keep your garden in pristine condition throughout the year. Our skilled horticulturists will provide regular maintenance, including pruning, fertilizing, and weed control, to ensure that your plants thrive and flourish. With our gardening service, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a stunning garden without the hassle of upkeep.

Enhancing Outdoor Living Spaces

Deck Installation Services

Imagine enjoying warm summer evenings on a beautifully crafted deck. Our deck installation services are tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We offer a wide range of materials, styles, and finishes to create a deck that perfectly complements your outdoor space. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process, from design to installation, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered to create a deck that is both functional and visually stunning.

Pool Deck Installation

If you have a swimming pool, a well-designed pool deck is essential to complete the overall look and enhance safety. Our pool deck installation services combine functionality and aesthetics to create a pool area that is inviting and stylish. We will work with you to design a pool deck that meets your specific requirements, considering factors such as size, materials, and desired features. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary design, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Creating Beautiful and Functional Areas with Paving Services

A well-designed patio provides the perfect space for outdoor entertainment and relaxation. Our paving services are dedicated to creating beautiful and functional patios that enhance your outdoor living experience. We offer a wide range of paving materials, including concrete, natural stone, and pavers, to suit your style and budget. Our expert team will ensure precise installation, attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship to create a patio that becomes the focal point of your outdoor space.

Illuminating Your Landscape

Landscape lighting not only adds beauty and ambiance to your outdoor space but also enhances safety and security. Our landscape lighting services are designed to highlight the unique features of your landscape while providing functional illumination. We offer a variety of lighting techniques, such as uplighting, downlighting, and pathway lighting, to create a captivating and inviting atmosphere. Our team will carefully plan and install the lighting fixtures to achieve the desired effect and transform your landscape after dark.

Keeping Your Property Safe

Winter can be a magical season, but it also brings the challenge of snow and ice. Our professional snow removal services ensure that your property remains safe and accessible throughout the winter months. Our experienced team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently remove snow from driveways, walkways, and parking areas. We understand the importance of timely snow removal and take pride in providing prompt and reliable service to our clients. With Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design, you can enjoy a worry-free winter season.

Ensuring Proper Yard Grading for Water Management

Proper Wheeling yard grading is crucial for effective water drainage and preventing water-related issues. Our yard grading services focus on creating a slope that directs water away from your property and avoids pooling or flooding. Our experts will assess your property's topography, analyze the soil composition, and design a grading plan that promotes optimal water management. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your landscape will be properly graded, ensuring the longevity and health of your outdoor space.

Creating Stunning Hardscapes with Expert Services

Hardscaping features, such as retaining walls, pathways, and outdoor living areas, can add both beauty and functionality to your landscape. Our expert hardscaping services are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We utilize high-quality materials and employ skilled craftsmanship to create stunning hardscape elements that seamlessly integrate with your overall landscape design. Whether you desire a cozy fire pit, an elegant water feature, or a captivating garden pathway, we have the expertise to bring your hardscape dreams to life.

Building Solid Spaces

Landscape construction involves the installation of durable and functional structures that form the foundation of your outdoor space. At Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design, we excel in landscape construction projects of all scales. From installing retaining walls and pergolas to constructing outdoor kitchens and seating areas, we have the experience and expertise to handle it all. Our skilled team will ensure that every aspect of the construction process is meticulously executed, resulting in a landscape that is built to last.

Adding Elegance with Outdoor Masonry

Outdoor masonry adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any landscape. Our outdoor masonry services encompass a wide range of elements, including stone walls, pillars, fireplaces, and water features. We work with a variety of materials, such as natural stone, brick, and concrete, to create stunning masonry features that blend seamlessly with your landscape design. Our skilled masons pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure precise installation and exceptional craftsmanship.

Crafting Functional and Aesthetic Features with Outdoor Carpentry

Outdoor carpentry combines functionality and aesthetics to create unique and practical outdoor structures. Our outdoor carpentry services cover a wide range of features, including pergolas, gazebos, decks, and fences. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and design preferences, ensuring that the final product exceeds your expectations. With our expert carpenters and attention to detail, you can expect exceptional craftsmanship and durable structures that enhance your outdoor living experience.

Efficient Irrigation and Stormwater Management Solutions

Proper irrigation and stormwater management are crucial for the health and sustainability of your landscape. Our irrigation and stormwater management services are designed to optimize water usage, minimize runoff, and promote efficient water distribution. We utilize advanced techniques and technologies to install irrigation systems that deliver the right amount of water to your plants while minimizing waste. Additionally, we implement stormwater management strategies to prevent erosion, flooding, and water pollution. With our expertise, your landscape will thrive while conserving water resources.

Comprehensive Landscaping Project Management In Wheeling IL

When you choose Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design for your landscaping project in Wheeling, IL, you can trust that we will take care of every aspect, from start to finish. Our experienced team not only provides exceptional landscaping services but also assists clients in obtaining the necessary permits required by the Wheeling Community Development Department. Here's how our comprehensive project management ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience:

1. Initial Consultation and 3D Design

We begin by conducting an initial consultation with our clients to understand their landscaping vision, goals, and specific requirements. This allows us to get a clear understanding of the project scope and tailor our services accordingly. We also discuss any permits that may be required for the project.

As part of our commitment to client satisfaction, we offer cutting-edge 3D landscape design services. Using advanced technology, we create realistic 3D renderings that bring your vision to life. This not only helps you visualize the final result but also ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page before any construction or installation work begins.

2. Permit Assistance

Navigating the permit process can be complex and time-consuming. At Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design, we understand the importance of obtaining the necessary permits to ensure compliance with local regulations. Our team is well-versed in the permit requirements of the Wheeling Community Development Department and will assist you in gathering the necessary documentation and submitting the permit applications.

We work closely with you to understand the specific Wheeling permits needed for your landscaping project, such as those for decks, concrete stoops, fences, gazebos, patios, driveways, and other landscaping-related elements. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process, ensuring that all necessary permits are obtained promptly and accurately.

3. Expert Installation and Construction

Once the necessary permits are secured, our skilled team gets to work on bringing your landscaping project to life. From installing patios, driveways, and decks to constructing gazebos, fences, and other outdoor structures, we handle every aspect of the project with meticulous attention to detail.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our craftsmanship and the use of premium materials. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering an exceptional job. We adhere to industry best practices, ensuring that all installations and constructions are done to the highest standards, exceeding your expectations.

4. Timely Completion and Client Satisfaction

At Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design, we understand that timeliness is essential for any landscaping project. Our team works efficiently and strives to complete projects within the agreed-upon timelines. We value open communication and keep our clients informed throughout the entire process.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We take pride in our ability to transform outdoor spaces and create landscapes that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful, functional, and sustainable outdoor environment that you can enjoy for years to come.

5. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Even after the project is completed, Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design is here to support you. We offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure that your landscape remains in optimal condition. From regular service and plant maintenance to irrigation system checks and seasonal cleanups, we provide the ongoing support needed to keep your outdoor space looking its best.

In summary, Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design takes a holistic approach to landscaping project management. From the initial consultation and 3D design to permit assistance, expert installation, timely completion, and ongoing support, we are committed to delivering exceptional results and ensuring client satisfaction every step of the way. Trust us to handle your landscaping project in Wheeling, IL, and let us transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis.


  1. How long has Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design been in business?

    Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design has proudly served the Wheeling, IL area for over 5 years. We also work with senior designers and teams that are highly trained and experienced. With our extensive experience, you can trust us to deliver exceptional landscaping services.

  2. What sets Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design apart from other landscaping companies?

    At Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design, we prioritize customer satisfaction and take a personalized approach to every project. Our team of certified professionals combines expertise, creativity, and attention to detail to create stunning landscapes that exceed expectations.

  3. Can Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design handle both residential and commercial projects?

    Absolutely! We cater to both residential and commercial clients. Whether you need landscaping services for your home, office, or any other commercial property, we have the expertise and resources to handle projects of all sizes.

  4. Does Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design offer paid consultations and quotes?

    Yes, we offer paid consultations and quotes to assess your landscaping needs and provide you with a detailed cost estimate for your project and a separate 3D Design. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to understand your vision and provide accurate pricing based on the scope of work.

  5. Are the landscaping services provided by Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design affordable?

    We strive to provide competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services. We offer transparent and detailed cost estimates, and our team will work with you to find solutions that align with your budget.

  6. How can I contact Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design for more information or to request a quote?

    To learn more about our landscaping services or request a quote, you can reach us at (312) 772-2300 or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can visit our website at waveoutdoors.com to explore our services and fill out a contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Wave Outdoors Landscape + DesignWave Outdoors Landscape + Design
5 Stars - Based on 34 User Reviews

  • I recently worked with Wave Outdoors on a project which included a new hardscape patio, sidewalk, front and back stoop, and drainage work. They were also able to handle some sprinkler head rerouting that we needed.

    Wave provided us with 2D/3D designs and Brian gave us a lot of different options and suggestions on our design. Despite being on the more expensive side, the quality and satisfaction were well worth it and the end result exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend them.

    Read More
    Jaime Sepulveda
  • We worked with Mary from Wave Outdoors for our landscaping project. She was thorough and thoughtful in her plan and consistent in communication. Mary earned trust by showing options that would have longevity- native plants, placing plants in shade vs non-shade, and watering solutions. Ultimately, we’re so happy with the warmth the design has brought our home, and we look forward to seeing it continue to grow.

    Read More
    Kristen Olson
  • I had two opportunities to work with Wave. The first involved developing a landscape design for a berm area in our development. Brian was very responsive and carefully listened to what we wanted for the area and our desire to use plants requiring limited care. We also wanted color in the spring, summer and fall. We were presented a beautiful plan and the installation was seamless. The residents are very pleased and the area is a great enhancement to our entrance.
    I recently approached Wave to help with a design for the front of our Florida home. Mary was so excited for the opportunity and once again collaborated and developed a design that is second to none. The colors, plants used and planned placement are outstanding. We are moving ahead with installation and the plan provided makes needed approval very easy.
    Overall, I can not say enough about the professionalism and competence of everyone on the Wave staff. Plus, they all are so nice. A great experience!

    Read More
    Robbie Bonn-Blech
  • Wow!!! We had a wonderful experience with Wave Outdoors. Wave Outdoors is located in Mount Prospect which was appealing to me to support local businesses.

    Brian worked with us from start of finish. He came and walked our property in the beginning and really listened to our ideas and also incorporated his own landscape design expertise. He walked us through his beautiful design and made recommendations for trees, shrubs, and plants that would be successful in our zone.

    Our curb appeal went up 1000%. While I have been out watering many people have stopped and commented on how beautiful everything looks. Some have even asked if they could snap a picture or two. 😎

    The crews that came in and took all of the old landscaping out, were here each day on time and left the area neat and clean when they were finished for the day.

    THANK YOU Wave Outdoors and Brian Dreher for helping to guide us with this project. It truly has been a pleasure working with Wave Outdoors. I would highly recommend Wave Outdoors for any landscaping design, installations, or any other outdoor needs you may have.


    Colleen and Michael Moreno

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    Colleen Moreno
  • Our back yard garden bed (partly in sun, partly in shade), along the rear property line, was in need of some landscaping. Over the nearly 40+ years we have lived here, we had randomly planted several lilac bushes, a few hosta plants, several patches of narcissus, some pachysandra, and a small number of ferns, but there was no unifying design. Everything we had planted competed with weeds and unwanted brush that had sprouted up around them. We had always wanted to look out our kitchen window and see a beautifully planned display of perennials, shrubs, and trees and finally decided to do something about it.
    We found Wave Outdoors and started working with designer Mary DiCarlo last fall, after we cleared much of the bed of unwanted foliage and installed a backyard fence to allow our newly adopted rescue dog to run free. We were looking to get a design created and the landscaping installed early this spring.
    Over the fall and winter months, Mary worked with us via several on-site visits, email exchanges, and Zoom sessions to finalize a design. Mary was a careful listener and tried to incorporate our wishes from the start, while making several small adjustments to the design several times at our request. Just a few days before the installation, when a particular specimen tree she had planned for us was in short supply, Mary made several weekend visits to local garden centers to find us the perfect tree. This was above and beyond the call of duty!
    The installation work was planned for two days in late April, but was completed by the Wave Outdoors 3-man crew, led by Rob, in a single day. Good timing, because the next day it rained almost all day, giving the plantings a good drink. The crew worked hard all day, doing additional unplanned tasks, such as trimming overhanging branches to make room for newly-planted (but sure to grow tall eventually) spruce trees, and also repairing some lawn spots from our dog. They also cleaned up better than any crew who has ever worked on our property.
    We are so happy with the finished result already, but knowing that perennials operate in a “sleep, creep, leap” fashion in the three years after planting, we expect the bed to look fantastic over the next 2-3 years as the plantings mature. The plantings were designed to be a mixture of tall, medium, and short heights, of a variety of textures and foliage color, with bloom colors expected in at different times in spring, summer, and fall. The evergreen plantings will remain blue-green throughout the year.
    We highly recommend Wave Outdoors and designer Mary DiCarlo for your landscaping needs (they do hardscaping also)! The entire process was well-documented with excellent communication from start to finish. Any small issues found after installation were taken care of very quickly. Initial and final payments were easy using Zelle, but Wave Outdoors also accepts personal checks and credit cards.
    Looking forward to warmer weather when we can be outside on our patio enjoying our beautiful new landscape!

    Read More
    Michael Jakubowski