Water is the bringer of life, but it can also hurt your property and its landscape if it is not properly managed. A couple of way how you can do that is by installing irrigation systems and by managing the stormwater runoff on your property.

Irrigation & Stormwater Management Services

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Irrigation & Sprinkler System Installation

Wave Outdoors uses licensed plumber crews and trained horticulturists to ensure your irrigation system installation is safe, up to code and provides just the right amount of water to the plants on your landscape.


Irrigating the living plants on your property or your lawn is very important. Different plant species will have different water requirements. So will your lawn – irrigating after seeding or sod installation is crucial to developing a healthy grassroot system. We use our experience and training to make sure your plants are not overwatered or underwatered and get just that the right amount.


Ideally, an irrigation system is installed as part of a landscape design & installation system. However, that is not always the case and that is ok. We work with residential, commercial and municipal clients and install sprinkler systems that do not damage or alter the look of your property but work tirelessly to keep its vivid green color.


We will help you choose the best system that fits your existing or planned landscape:

  • Lawn sprinklers
  • Garden irrigation
  • Soaker hoses
  • Planters


We also maintain and repair existing irrigation systems.

Sprinkler & Irrigation System Maintenance

From sprinkle system component repairs to tune ups and winterization, we will make sure that your irrigation system works flawlessly:


  • Winterizing the system
  • Spring inspections and test startups
  • Tune-ups during the warm seasons
  • Moving sprinkler heads to improve coverage
  • System additions and modifications
  • Repair and replace faulty components

Stormwater Management

Stormwater is water generated by precipitations such as rain or melting snow. Usually, in a natural environment, such water is absorbed by trees, plants or ends up permeating the soil which acts as a filter.


In a man-made environment, such as residential and commercial properties, there are a lot of surfaces that cannot be permeated by water. Moreover, by having a first point of contact with surfaces such as roofs, driveways or even lawns, stormwater starts moving more quickly and picks up all kinds of particles and pollutants along the way.


Because of that, stormwater can cause a lot of issues, from basement flooding and local flooding to polluting local streams and putting the aquatic ecosystem at risk.


Storm Water Management Services

We can install all types of stormwater management system, from harvester to drainage systems:

  • Downspout popup
  • Rain barrels
  • Rain garden
  • French drains
  • Water storage or dry wells
  • Drainage systems
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