The unpredictable Chicago weather can turn a sunny day into a freezing night that puts a sheet of ice over everything and then follow through with a huge snow storm.

Our snow removal and de-icing services can deal with any type of weather conditions, from snow drifts, sleet to full blown snow storms.

Snow Plowing & Ice Management Services

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We offer snow removal services to residential and commercial customers:


  • Storefront snow removal
  • Sidewalk snow removal
  • Roadway & parking lot snow removal
  • Backyard and frontyard snow removal
  • Patio snow removal
  • Alleway & driveway snow removal


We constantly monitor the weather and watch out for snow storms. This means that we are always prepared and can send out a fleet of vehicles immediately after we receive the call for snow removal.

Snow & Ice Removal

We make note of each client’s landscape particularities before the snow season starts and we use that information to safely clear snow and ice, without damaging any of the covered landscape features.

We only use snow removal chemicals and de-icing agents that are safe for your landscape. For example, rock salt can damage your landscape plants if it is used improperly. An alternative to this damaging method is pre-treating the area and using eco-friendly de-icing agents.

Rooftop Snow Removal

The snow on top of your roof has the benefit of insulating the house better and lowering the heating expenses. However, it should be constantly watched because it can create a host of issues as well:

By melting and freezing again, the snow on your roof creates icicles and ice dams.


Icicles & Ice Management

Snow Removal Icicle

Falling icicles are a danger to your property and your family. They can also be a sign that heat is escaping through your roof, melts the snow which flows to a lower point (such as gutters) where it freezes again. That is why icicles can be a sign of poor insulation or even a damaged roof.  Icicles have to be monitored for safety reasons.


Ice Dam Removal


Ice dams are ice formations that form on top of your gutters and block the flow of water. They grow with each melt and subsequent freeze.

Ice dams can damage your roof and gutters by putting a lot of weight on them. Because of them, water can pool and rot your roof.

The best way to prevent icedams is to keep your roof cooler by insulating the attic and make sure the exchange of heat with the outside is minimal.

Snow Plowing & Snow Clearing Services

We offer one time and recurring snow removal services. Please keep in mind that one-time services are weather and worklog dependant. Our services are safe, professional and carefully executed, to preserve all the other landscape elements.

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