Wave Outdoors can help you shine some light on your home and the landscape surrounding it. Our crews of licensed electricians can install everything for spot lights to inconspicuous décor lighting.

The fixtures we work with are weather resistant, safe, highly functional and our landscape lighting installation services come with some of the best warranties in the industry.

What Is Lightscaping

Landscape lighting, also called lightscaping, is the specific use of weather resistant outdoor light fixture to illuminate areas of residential or commercial landscaping in Mt. Prospect and surrounding areas. Landscape lighting services are best performed by landscape designers as they can seamlessly blend light with hardscape and softscape elements and deliver exquisite results.

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Outdoor Lighting Types

There are quite a few options when it comes to landscape lighting. One way to decide which type fits you best is by looking at its power/fuel source:


  • Solar lights – they are safe and easier to set up.
  • Low voltage lights (such as LED lights) – they are one on the more popular choices because they are cost effective, safer to install and operate. Low voltage lights require the use of a power transformer and are used to give visual weight to plants and landscape features you want to highlight.
  • Line voltage outdoor lights – such as post lights, wall lights and uplights. Because they operate at 120 V, line voltage lights have to be installed by a licensed electrician. The wires need to be kept underground or enclosed in hardscape elements such as concrete. However, line voltage lights are the best choice for illuminating larger areas.
  • Gas, oil and other fuel burning lighting – such as torches, lanterns and fireplaces. These outdoor lighting fixtures illuminate through controlled burning of fuel. They can give your landscape a rustic or mysterious look and be inviting at the same time.


We can safely install any type of outdoor lighting. Our crews are licensed, insured and work closely with landscape designers to make sure the lighting is not only well installed and safe, but also beautiful and complementary to your house’s personality.

Landscape Lighting Benefits

There are a lot of benefits that you get with the installation of landscape lighting:

  • Aesthetical – you can use an exquisite mix of lights, colors and shadows to illuminate and give visual weight to your landscape and its elements.
  • Safety – landscape lighting has a two fold benefit. You can discourage intruders by making sure there are no dark corners around your house. You can also keep your step safer by illuminating pathways, stairs and patios.
  • Increase your leisure time. You can enjoy the outdoor living areas even after dusk, no matter if it is for grilling or to enjoy a fun night with friends.
  • Increase your house value – each feature you add to your landscape to make it more functional and enjoyable will increase the desirability and the market value of the house.

Lighting Styles

You can combine different outdoor lighting types, such as low voltage and line voltage lights in virtually unlimited ways.

The style of the landscape lighting is often dictated by its purpose:

  • Accent lighting meant to highlight softscape (trees, flower beds) and hardscape elements (water fountains, statues)
  • Architectural lighting meant to let your house’s personality shine
  • Sport court lighting
  • Pool area lighting – specialized lighting designed to make your nighttime dips safer
  • Patio, deck and gazebo lighting
  • Driveway, path and walkway lighting
  • Motion lighting
  • Inground lights

There are quite a few of landscape lighting appliance styles that can help you achieve every conceivable lighting effect:

  • Orb and sphere lights
  • String lights
  • LED strips
  • Spotlights
  • Flood lights
  • Well lights
  • Path lights
  • Step lights

Landscape Lighting Services

Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design is one of the most experienced landscape lighting installation companies in the area. We work with any type of project, no matter how big or imaginative, we can deliver it just how you envisioned it.

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